Up and Running

Finally the website is here! Its been a while in the making so it's very exciting to go live.  I'm looking forward to sharing my artistic adventures and hopefully inspiring a few of you along the way. This journey started for me back in 2001 - the year I finally scratched the painting itch! I was hooked from that moment on.  For me painting is one of those timeless activities where hours float away as though they were merely minutes.  It's like taking a deep breath and swimming around under the ocean, resurfacing later to see the real world once more.  I have been blessed with some wonderful art teachers and mentors along the way. They have not only taught me the technical skills I required, but also how to fit my passion amongst family life, three children, interior styling and large scale home renovations. Speaking of which I'd better go and finish preparing for my upcoming exhibition that opens on the 10th July - more on that next time!